Bathing Is About More Than Getting Clean

Discover how a good bath can have a positive impact on your dog

Every dog leaves Pampered Pets Grooming Salon looking cleaner, lighter and happier than they did when they entered. Have you ever noticed that you feel a lot more energized after taking a shower or bath? The same goes for dogs. With their coats looking sleek and their teeth looking shiny, your pup will be the happiest dog at the dog park.

By keeping up with regular grooming for your dog, you can:

  • Improve their overall cleanliness
  • Make it easier to notice skin issues
  • Give your dog a happier life
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Even an anxious dog can enjoy a good bath

Even an anxious dog can enjoy a good bath

A lot of people struggle trying to bathe their dogs. Some dogs get grouchy when you try to brush them. They might hate to be held down and bathed. We know how to make grooming a stress-free experience for any dog. Our staff is used to dealing with dogs that aren't necessarily psyched to be getting a bath.

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